The mission of the Law B.A. degree program is to prepare students for the ethical practices at the highest level of quality and integrity in order to serve the public interest. This is achieved through educating them the fundamental concepts of equality, justice and fairness and enhancing their analytical abilities and their skills in oral and written communication. In addition, the program instills in students the obligation to provide legal assistance to many members of society, educates them about the crucial role played by lawyers in resolving issues of public policy.



The Faculty of Law in TIU prepares outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local and national communities with professionalism, excellence and integrity; and through its scholarship and service strives to contribute to the development of the law and a more just society.



·         Graduates will be able to contribute to the quality of the legal system by developing the habit of engaging in critical reflection about themselves, the justice system and the practice of law.

·         Graduates will be able to deal with clients’ legal issues in ethical and creative manner.

·         Graduates will be competent in the field of law by developing skills regarding advocacy, legislation, law reforms and other legal services

·         Graduates will be able to become effective and integral part of the legal team.

·         Graduates will be able to practice effective listening, written and oral communication skills.