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internal seminar


on Tue, 21 Jan,2020 as a part of our faculty activities Mr.Kastro Salm provided a seminar about (crime of not paying income taxes in Iraqi Law ). Mr. Kastro explained the concept of income taxes in details and its importance on the economy of the countries . He highlighted the morality of mains that enable the tax payer to escape from paying income taxes and discussed its reflection on the country incomes .  

internal seminar2020-01-27T13:54:40+00:00

Internal seminar


on Wednesday, 15 Jan,2020 ,our lecturers Mr. Kastro Salm , presented a seminar in room no.436 entitled (The concept of analogy in scope of criminal law ) the presenter discussed that Iraqi court do not depend  on analogy for their decisions. however,  the presenter referred to Babil appellate court that established analogy in one of their decisions  No.445/456 T on 30 Oct 2012. the presenter concluded with discussing the issue with the attendance.

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internal seminar


As part of continuing education in our International university TIU faculty of law on Tue, 14 Jan,2020 , our lecturer Mr.Ismail Ali presented a seminar about (The judicial control over the constitution of laws) .He discussed the principles of judicial control over the constitution of  law in general and provided different  types of this control . by the end of the seminar the presenter discussed the possibility of applying the principle of control in Iraq.  

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National Workshop (Structuralthe Shura Council and its duties)


On December 2, 2019 ,the faculty of Law Tishk Int. University, Organized a national workshop entitled (Structural the Shura Council and its duties ) represented by "Dr.Sardar Yasin" the Chairman of the Shura Council, for Law students started with some legal information and interesting issues about Law ,ended up thanking Tishk  Int. University  faculty of Law  for that opportunity and we gave our presenter certificate as a thank .

National Workshop (Structuralthe Shura Council and its duties)2020-01-26T07:13:39+00:00



as part of continuing education system in TIU, our assistant lecturer Mr. Kastro Salim provided a workshop on plagiarism in 19 Nov 2019. The presenter discussed the implications of plagiarism on our community and educational system. The presenter concluded that the legal system in Iraq contain many loopholes especially in article 476 of the Iraqi Penal Code. He added that it is necessary to reconsider the code to include all forms of plagiarism.)  


Ceremony to honor the top five Students


The Faculty of Law at Tishk International University organized a ceremony to honor the top five students at the department for all stages except the first stage of the academic year 2018-2019. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Law and the head of the department and all faculty staff and students.   The Dean and Head of the Department delivered a speech in which he emphasized perseverance in studying and seeking knowledge. And distributed gifts and certificates of appreciation to the top 5 students in honor of their efforts in the study.  

Ceremony to honor the top five Students2019-12-03T08:33:21+00:00

Mandatory reserves required by Iraqi company law


As part of the continuing education system in the Faculty of Law, Tishk International University. Dr. Abdul-Basit Karim Malood, the lecturer in commercial law introduced a session entitled “Mandatory reserves required by Iraqi company law”. The session discussed both sections 73 & 74 of Iraqi company law. The presenter concluded that it is necessary for the Iraqi company law to include provisions match the main purpose of section 74 of Iraqi Company Law similar to other Arabic legislations.  

Mandatory reserves required by Iraqi company law2019-11-17T12:47:11+00:00

Visit the Elderly Home


On November 13, 2019, the Faculty of Law organized a celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). On this occasion, the Faculty of Law visited the home of the elderly in Erbil and provided some gifts and Medical aid to them and participated in the celebration of the Prophet's birthday by distributing sweets and holding a small celebration for them. Also, The head of the law department Mr. Ako Sabah have a meeting with Mr. Kamaran Tofiq Khdr the director of the elderly house and they discussed some administrative matters for the elderly house and they [...]

Visit the Elderly Home2019-11-16T10:50:34+00:00

Mawlid Al- Nabi Celebration Ceremony


On November 13, 2019, the Faculty of Law organized a celebration on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday. In presence of  Mala Dashti, Mamusta Othman Halbajey and the vise president Dr.Wasfi Kahwachi (Ph.D.), the dean of Law Faculty Dr.Huseen Balisany (Ph.D.), the Dean of students Mr.Ali Bala, and Mr. Ako Sabah head of Law department in addition to the staff and students of the Law Faculty. The Ceremony started with reading some Verses from the Holy Quraan by Mala Dashti followed by the speech of the Mamusat Othman Halbajey, and the speech of Mr. Ako Sabah head of law department [...]

Mawlid Al- Nabi Celebration Ceremony2019-11-16T09:50:49+00:00
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