Staff Name Title
Prof. Dr. Hussain Taha Balisani  Faculty Dean
Dr. Sabah Qasim Khadir Head of department
Prof. Dr. Najdat Sabri. Lecturer
Prof. Dr. Abdulabseet Karem Moulod Lecturer and chief of scientific committee
Mr.Badr Mohammed Mustafa Muhammed Asst.lecturer
Mr.Khalid Khorsheed. Asst.lecturer
Ms. Bayar Imad. Lecturer and IRO representative
Mr.Kastro Salim Asst.Lecturer
Mr.Mohammed Abdulkareem. Asst.Lecturer and head of exam committee
Mr. Mohammed Ashraf. Lecturer
Dr. Khalid Jalal Part time lecturer
Dr. Mustafa Bingol Lecturer and chief of Activities committee