Event (title) 2022-2023 Type of the Event
Vis Moot Academic Activity
Academic integrity National Workshop
Breakfast with students Social Activity
Second Grade Students Visited The Juvenile Prison Social Activity
Breakfast with staff Social Activity
(Al Mawled Al Nabawy)  Birthday of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Social Activity
Dinner with staff Social Activity
Top Three Students Awards and Appreciation Ceremony Social Activity
Lunch with students Social Activity
The Faculty of Law hosted an academic debate + Seminar on Provisions for Investment of Minors was presented
Trip to Akre Social Activity
End of the Tennis Tournment Social Activity
Reunion of the Faculty of Law Alimonies. Social Activity
Acdmic dabet entiteled The reasons for the rise in divorce in Kurdistan Academic  Activity
Visiting the Parliament of Kurdistan Academic Trip
August, 2021 24 Starting of the New Academic Year 2021- 2022
August 24 Starting of the Tuition Fee Payment – First Instalment
August 24,31 Course Registration Days
September 1, 2 Add & Drop Days
September 2,7 Courses and Lecturer to be asigned to PIS
September, 2021 05, Starting of the Fall Term Courses – All Departments – ( E Learning )
September 9 Welcome Ceremony for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades
October 14 Student Debate DA2
October 03, National Holiday – Iraqi Independence day
October 19 National Holiday – (Mawlud Nabi)  Birthday of prophet Mohammed (PBUH)*
November 11 Int Conference NUR 2.8 (The Sixth conference of legal issues)
November 15, 24 Mid -Term Assignment Exam of Fall Term (Except Faculty of Law and Dentistry)
November 25 Social Activity DA 8 (Visiting kindergartens)
December 16 National Workshop NUR 2.7
December 23 Social Trip DA 7 (Climbing mountains)
December 25 National Holiday- Christmas Day
January, 2022 1 National Holiday – New Year’s Day
January 6 Army Day
January, 2022 7 End of Fall Term Courses –  Last Day of Fall Term
January 09, 23 Final (Assignment) Examination Period , Except Faculty of Dentistry and Law
January 09, 23 Mid -Term Assignment Examination Period, For Faculties of Dentistry and Law
January 25 Faculty Examination Committee Meeting
January 26 General Examination Committee Meeting
January 26, 27 Objection Days
January 28 Closing of PIS system
January 28, 30 Courses and Lecturer to be asigned to PIS
January 31 Starting of the Spring Term Courses – First Day of Spring Term
January, 31 31 Course Registration Days
February 1 Int Workshop NUR 2.8
February 07, 08 Add and Drop Days
February 13-Jan Academic Trip DA 3 (Erbil appellate court)
February 10–14 One Course Examination Period
February 21-Jan Academic Trip DA 3 (Notary public)
March 02-Jan Social Activity DA 8 (Visiting hospose care)
March 5 National Holiday – Uprising Day
March 8 National Workshop NUR 2.7
March 12–19 Spring Holidays (Nawroz) for students
March 11 National Holiday -Uprising of Erbil & Anniversary of 11 March agreement (1970)
March 14 National Holiday -Birthday of Mr. Mustafa  Barzani
March 21-23 National Holiday – Nawroz, Kurdish New Year
April 04 National Holiday-Easter (Only Christian sudents)
April 7 Social Trip DA 7 (Spring Trip)
April 9 National Holiday – Baghdad Liberation Day
April 11, 17 Mid-Term  Examination Period
April 11, 25 Mid-Term  Examination Period Faculty of Dentistry
April 15 National Holiday -Yazidis New Year
May 1 National Holiday – International Labour Day
May 3, 4, 5 National Holidays- Feast of Ramadan (Eid Al Fitr)
May May, 22 – June, 9 Final Exam of Law Faculty
May, 23 June, 27 Practical exam and revision week
May 25 Academic Competition DA 6 (Final grade research competition)
May, 30 June, 17 Final Examination Period for All Faculties
June 20 Faculty Examination Committee Meeting
June 21 General Examination Committee Meeting and Announcement of the Final Grades
June 21, 25 Objection Days
June 28 Graduation Ceremony
June 26 Closing the PIS System
June 19,30 Make – up Assessment Period of Law Faculty
July 10, 11, 12, 13 National Holiday – Feast of Sacrifice (Eid Al Qurban Feast)
July 14 National Holiday – Republic Day of Iraq
July 30, National Holiday – Muharram – Islamic New Year
August 01, 05 Summer School Registration
August 8 National Holiday – Ashurra
August 08 September, 09 Summer School  Education Period in All Grades
August 08 September,18 Make – up Assessment Period
September 12, 18 Final Assessment of Summer School
September 21 General Exam Committee
September 22, 25 Objection days
September 26 Closing the PIS System
September 26 Starting of the New Academic Year 2021- 2022