Sabah qasim

Hello, and welcome. As Head of Law Department in TIU, I am honored to introduce you to our program. Our department is very focused on making sure that our students pass the bar, and that they are ready to hit the ground running as lawyers. We have a whole set of courses designed specifically to help our students get ready for their career challenges. We also have trial practice classes designed to teach skills that are necessary to improve our students’ legal knowledge. Employers are keen to hire our graduates because they will be prepared to be among the best in the legal field in Iraq. Students will be able to adjust beyond university as they will have the high quality of teaching and learning that is part of the TIU way of life. They are prepared to use their legal skills to have a positive impact on our society. Many of our alumni have reached the apex of career in law as they are taking up important positions in governmental institutions. There are many fine law departments in Iraq. However, I doubt that many of them can offer you the outstanding education, and the commitment to make you a better person while you are here. We invite you to become part of the finest group of law students assembled in Kurdistan Region next year.

Choose wisely. Choose TIU