Visiting the Notary Public Department in Erbil

The Faculty of Law at Tishk International University organized a visit to the Notary Public Department Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Iraq on March 1st, 2022. The visit was conducted under the supervision of Prof  _________ , who also administered the official procedures that are required between universities and official bodies for such collaboration and visits.

The visit aimed to strengthen the practical skills of 5th-year students and enable them to transform the theoretical concepts acquired in university into applied knowledge and skills. The purpose of the trip was to also prepare students to move towards professional life and proceed to the next phase after the completion of their academic journey.

Prof_______ and students were welcomed by the Director and administrative staff of the Notary Public Department. The Director of the Notary Public Department first explained the notary law to the students in practice, introducing the students to the administrative structure of the notary department, and presenting the documents that are organized and documented by the notary.

He also discussed how to make notifications and files that include the registration of the place after giving a brief overview of taking the necessary procedures for registering the machines.

The staff members of the Department presented the folders containing the incoming and outgoing papers and explained how these papers were organized and preserved. Students were also guided on the archiving process of documents.

The Director and staff of the Notary Public Department held a final session to allow the students to ask questions and enquire about the previous discussions and the practical work they discovered in the Department.

On behalf of the Faculty of Law, we extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Director of the Notary Public Department for his cooperation and hospitality. We also would like to thank the staff members of the Department for their support and the valuable information they shared with students.