The Legal Framework of the Integrity Commission in Kurdistan Training Course

In collaboration with the Kurdistan Integrity Commission, the Faculty of Law at Tishk International University organized a training course entitled “The Legal Framework of the Integrity Commission in Kurdistan” from March 5th to April 22nd, 2022.

Former Iraqi Integrity Commission Judge Dr Raheem Al-Qgaili provided the first axis of the training course. As for the second axis, Dr Muhammad Rekani focused on determining the sources of corruption in Kurdistan by comparing the United Nations Convention against corruption with Iraqi law and criminal law.

Dr Adnan Abdullah, Head of the Kurdish Integrity Commission, discussed the institution’s role in determining money laundering crimes.

Dr Nadir Qadir discussed federal court decisions in corruption cases as a final axis.
Dr Hussein Balisani, Dean of the Faculty of Law, delivered an appreciation speech to all trainers and participants at the end of the training course.