On the 12th of September 2022 (Hussein Soran) a student in Law faculty conducted a scientific debate about the (VIS Moot) which is a competition held annually. The Debate started with a speech delivered  by Dr. Abdul basset Kareem Mawlood whom enriched the audience with his knowledge and practical experience.

The debate discussed the history of the International competition of arbitration which was launched in 1992, and since then more than 300 law faculty around the world have participated in this competition. In the debate, many topics were discussed including the provision of cases that can be taught to guarantee that the participants will get the required experience and have learned from the cases. Furthermore, the debate discussed the requirements and conditions of the competition. Moreover, discussed the advantages of getting the certificate associated with it and the chance to get a scholarship. In addition, it was agreed that it is important to participate in such competitions in order to get the knowledge and benefits associated with it. Lastly, Asst. prof. Dr. Hussin Balisani, dean of the Law faculty concluded the event and thanked the students who participate in the debate and thanked Dr. Abdlbasset Kareem for his supervisory role