Ramadan Evenings At The Faculty of Law

Muslims consider the holy month of Ramadan a period of spiritual reflection; an opportunity to strengthen one’s relationship with Allah (SWT), perform good deeds, give charity, serve the community and help those in need. During this month, Muslims are required to work on self-improvement and patience, repairing broken connections, and maintaining good relationships between families and loved ones. Believers are urged to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In light of this special month, the Faculty of Law at Tishk International University organized an iftar for staff, college graduates, and second and fifth-grade students in April 2022.

The Head of the Faculty of Law Mr. Ako Sabah welcomed the students and talked about the importance of such activities for students in maintaining relationships. He also praised the organizers of the event for their hard work and perfection.